We are constantly reviewing and updating our preparations and protocols as we learn more about COVID-19. We are open and here to answer your questions. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the situation.

  1. Respiratory sick visits are being separated from well visits:

These patients are seen in separate, dedicated areas of our office, at the end of the day, and by dedicated staff. We are not mixing sick and well patients in our office. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning our office. If you are not well, please call our office ahead of your appointment.

  1. Virtual Visits:

We will continue to use telehealth visits, when applicable, to help avoid unnecessary exposures to our patients, families, and staff.

  1. In-person Visits:

Please call our office for any health concerns. We are encouraging all patients who are well enough to stay home, unless we deem it necessary to be seen in our office.

    • When you arrive, please call the front desk from your car to check in, at 781-356-6200 ext.105.
    • We will call you back when a room is available, as our waiting room is closed.
    • Before entering the building, please put a mask on both you and your child, go to the exam room, and keep the door shut.
  1. Well child check-ups:

We are currently seeing a limited number of patients for in-office well visits, prioritizing those who are due for immunizations.  Starting July 1st, 2020, we anticipate expanding to see well child check-ups for all ages in-person.  

  1. Visitors:

We ask that when possible, only the patient and one healthy parent attend all visits. 

    • For the first newborn visit, both parents (if healthy) are allowed to attend.
  1. Missed Vaccinations:

If your child missed a vaccination due to a prior virtual well child check-up, our office will reach out to schedule a time to come in for these vaccines.

  1. COVID-19 Exposure:

If you think your child may have been exposed to an active case of COVID-19, please call our office. We will assist you in obtaining COVID-19 testing at a pediatric testing site based on current testing guidelines.

  1. Social distancing: 

Please practice social distancing appropriately to limit unnecessary exposure to the virus, as recommended by the Department of Public Health.

  1. Boston office:

We will be reopening the Boston office on July 6th, only for patients without respiratory sick symptoms.  Patients who normally are seen in the Boston office who are sick with respiratory symptoms or fever will continue to be seen in the Braintree office as needed.