In order to provide flexibility for our families, we accept all commercial insurances and participate in many managed-care plans (most require co-payments at the time of a visit).

We prefer to bill for services directly to insurance companies and settle balances with families after insurance considerations are made. Our staff can help you with insurance questions or problems.

In rare situations, usually in the case of newer vaccines, a managed-care plan may not pay or only partially pay for a submission. In this situation we will bill you directly for the difference between the insurance allowment and our wholesale cost to purchase the medication.

Since insurance programs are in constant flux, insurance plan rosters of member physicians and hospitals are often inaccurate. Please check with us if you are considering changing insurance programs to find out of we participate in that plan. Chances are, we do.

Most patients choose one doctor from our group to be their “primary care doctor,” however, patients may see any physician from our group, regardless of their insurance plan. Your insurance plan, however, may require that you receive pre-approval from our office before seeing a specialist or obtaining emergency or other medical services outside of our offices. When in doubt, give us a call.