After Hours

Calls from patients that are placed after hours are received by Nurse Telephone Triage Service, an independent medical telephone triage company. Nurse Telephone Triage Service is staffed by nurses who are trained to answer emergency calls and who have a detailed manual of information which contains an approved standard approach to urgent care.

We have had an extremely favorable response from our patients about Nurse Telephone Triage Service. After hours phone triage is very expensive. It is a non-billable expense for which we bear the entire cost. Please call only for very important situations but, if it’s important, by all means, call. Our office and your doctor would prefer to discuss routine issues with you directly, during the day.


We are on-call at all times for emergencies. Unless it is a dire situation, call us first so that we can advise you how to best handle the problem, or where to take your child for care.

Cuts that require stitches are usually treated by the Emergency Room physicians at MGH, Children’s Hospital, South Shore Hospital and Milton Medical Center.

Do not leave urgent messages on our email.