Milton Pediatrics provides care to patients through adolescence and through the college years. We encourage our adolescents and young adults to take more responsibility for themselves and their health care as they get older. We encourage them to speak directly to us regarding their health concerns. We give them the opportunity to decide whether and when they would like to be alone or have a parent be with them in the exam room.

In some circumstances, there will be issues that patients wish to discuss that will be confidential in nature. It is our policy when dealing with young adult and adolescent patients to keep confidential any issues that our patients request of us, with the exception of issues that might be serious enough to be life threatening.

Due to the HIPPA regulations of 1996, patients who are older than 18 are considered adults and their privacy needs to be protected. In accordance with these regulations, the nurses will request to speak directly with patients that are over 18 to discuss issues regarding their medical care. Although some young adults (and parents) find this policy challenging at first, it is great preparation for when they are off on their own and need to manage their own health issues. Thank you for your cooperation.