Immunization Schedule

These are the standard immunizations.  Your doctor may alter the schedule to tailor the shots to your baby’s needs.



These are the standard immunizations as of this printing.  Your doctor may alter the schedule to tailor the shots to your baby’s needs.


All pediatric vaccines are free of mercury (thiomerisol) preservatives.  Combination shots may vary according to the availability of vaccines.


AGE IMMUNIZATIONS, Laboratory work.   
Current vaccine information in detail is found at :
Newborn care Routine metabolic screeningPKU, etc., hearing screening
2 month exam Pentacel (DTaP- Diphtheria, Tetanus,     Pertussis- IPV- Injected Polio- Hemophilus Influenza B)Or, Pediarix (DTaP-IPV-HepB)

Hep B 1 (Hepatitis B)

Prevnar 1 (meningitis/blood stream)

Rotavirus (optional)

4 month exam Pentacel 2Hep B 2

Prevnar 2

Rotavirus (optional)

6 month exam Pentacel 3Hep B 3

Prevnar 3

Rotavirus (optional)

Flu vaccine (annually, starting age 6 mos)


9 month exam     Catch up on vaccines not given.
1 year exam Lead test, Blood CountVaricella, Prevnar 4

Hepatitis A1 (optional)

15 month exam DTaP4 combined with HIB4MMR 1 (Measles-Mumps-German Measles)


18 month exam Catch up on vaccines not givenHepatitis A2 (optional)
2 year exam Lead test, Blood Count






AGE IMMUNIZATIONS, Laboratory work 
3   3 year exam Lead test, Blood CountVision Screening,

Urinalysis optional

4 year exam Hearing ScreeningVision screening with stereopsis

Urinalysis optional

MMR2 optionally, Varicella2 (optional)

Or Proquad (MMR and Varicella)

5 year exam DTaP 5,IPV 4,MMR2 and Varicella 2 (if not given earlier) or Kinrix (DtaP/IPV)Vision Screening with stereopsis

Hearing Screening (if indicated)

Urinalysis optional

6-10 years, annual or biannual exams Immunizations, tests as indicated 
11 years, annual exams TdaP (Tetanus-Diphtheria- Pertussis)Menactra (meningococcal infection)
12-18 years, annual exams Immunizations, tests as indicatedGardasil (recommended)- both females and males


*Our doctors frequently will individualize the standard schedule and vary the timing of shots.  Mass Dept of Public Health guidelines require Chicken Pox (Varicella) immunization or history of chicken pox for daycare or school entrance.  A tetanus booster is required before 7th grade.  No routine pediatric vaccines contain mercury preservatives. 

Mass DPH requires the following for Kindergarten entrance:

5 DTaPs, 4 IPVs, 4 HIBs, 2 MMRs, 1 Varicella, 3 HepBs.



Travelers to areas with questionable water sources (Mexico, Asia) are advised to receive  2 Hepatitis A and 1Typhoid vaccine

(4 pills or 1 injection).