Chicken Pox

A virus of the herpes family

A skin rash of blister-like lesions, usually on the face, scalp, or trunk

Bacterial infection of the skin, swelling of the brain, and pneumonia (usually more severe in children 13 or older and adults)

Spread by coughing and sneezing (highly contagious)

Varicella vaccine can prevent this disease.

As an adult, do I need it?
You should get the varicella vaccine if you do not have a reliable history of having had chickenpox, and if:

  1. You are a health care worker, teach young children, a day care worker, a resident or staff member in an institutional setting, a college student, an inmate or staff member of a correctional institution, in the military, or if you travel internationally.
  2. You are a woman of childbearing age who is sure you are not pregnant. (Pregnant women should not receive the varicella vaccine.)


* Information is courtesy of Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention