Recommended Books

  • Bell, Ruth, et. al. Changing Bodies, Changing Lives.  New York:  Random House, 1980 and later editions.
  • Elkind, Daniel.  Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk, New York:  Knopf, 1987, and similar writing.
  • Gomi, Taro. Everyone Poops.  Kane/Miller, 1993.
  • Harris, Robie.  It’s Perfectly Normal:  Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health.  1994.
  • Leach, Penelope. Your Baby and Child. New York:  Knopf, 1987 and later.
  • Lewis, Rose.  I Love You Like Crazy Cakes, (Overseas Adoptions).  Little, Brown: Boston, 2000.
  • Madaras, Lynn. What’s Happening to My Body, Book for Girls, Book for Boys. New York.
  • Mayle, Peter. Where Did I Come From? Carol Publishing, 1990.  also on video.
  • Middleman, Amy. A Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Teen, Jossey-Bass:  San Francisco, CA, 2006.
  • Newberger, Eli. The Men They Will Become:  the Nurture and Nature of Male Character,  Reading, MA:  1999.
  • Pantley, Elizabeth. The No-Cry Sleep Solution.  McGraw-Hill, 2002
  • Schaefer, Valorie, The Care and Keeping of You:  the Body Book for Girls.  Middleton, WI: Pleasant Co. Publications (American Girl Library), 1998.
  • Shelov, Steven, editor. Caring for Your Baby and Young Child. New York: Bantam, 1991 and later.
  • Spock, Benjamin. Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 7th edition., New York: Dutton 1998.
  • Voors, William, The Parent’s Book About Bullying, Center City, MN:  Hazeldon, 2000


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