American Academy of Pediatrics President Urges Parents to Vaccinate Their Children Against Measles

Please see the following message from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

American Academy of Pediatrics President Urges Parents to Vaccinate Their Children Against Measles


 Statement by Sandra G. Hassink, MD, FAAP

As the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland continues to spread, pediatricians are deeply concerned about the children who have been infected, and those who are at risk because they have not been vaccinated. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly urges parents to make sure their children have received the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. While it is best to get the vaccine as soon as your child reaches the recommended age, it is never too late to get your children caught up so they can receive the vaccine and be fully protected.​​

We know from many repeated studies that the MMR vaccine is safe and effective. It is in fact one of the most effective vaccines we have. And as the measles outbreak has shown, this virus is incredibly contagious. If you have not been immunized against measles and come near an infected person, you have a 90 percent chance of getting measles.


An infected person may not show symptoms for four days — meanwhile he or she can expose dozens of other people they encounter in daily life, at the park, grocery store, school, and other places where children commonly are. Measles affects all organs of the body, and can cause serious and in some cases life-threatening complications in children including pneumonia and encephalitis.

When measles was more common in the U.S., hundreds of children died from this virus every year. The fact that this disease has resurfaced for the first time in more than a decade has prompted pediatricians to reiterate the same recommendation to parents that we’ve made for decades with renewed urgency: Vaccines work. Delaying your child’s vaccines, or refusing the vaccine, leaves your child vulnerable to this invisible threat.  And puts other children in the community at risk.


Some children cannot be vaccinated because of problems with their immune system, or because they are too young to be vaccinated. It is heartbreaking to know that these vulnerable children may be at risk if parents refuse or delay getting their children vaccinated, allowing community immunization rates to fall below the rates necessary to protect the whole community. To protect your own child, as well as the other children in your community, make the decision to vaccinate your child. If you have questions about measles or vaccines, we encourage you to talk with your child’s pediatrician.


To help parents, the AAP has also assembled these resources:


Milton Pediatrics is now offering Patient Gateway

Patient Gateway is a convenient, efficient, and secure way to view health records and communicate directly with our office.

With Patient Gateway, you can:

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Patient Gateway is ideal for routine communications and notifies your regular email account when a new message arrives. It is easy to use and designed to protect your privacy.

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FLU VACCINE 2014-2015

We have recently received our first shipment of flu vaccine for the 2014-2015 season.

Flu vaccine will be offered when you bring your child in for routine care.  We will also be administering the flu vaccine by appointment only Tuesday through Friday throughout the flu season. Please call early in the day to schedule a same day nurse visit.   Please call the nurse’s line 781 356 6200 option 3 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment.

CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a seasonal flu vaccine. This includes all children aged 6 months up to their 19th birthday. Vaccination is especially important for children younger than 5 years of age and children of any age with a long-term health condition like asthma, diabetes and heart disease. These children are at higher risk of serious flu complications, if they get the flu.

Click the link below for additional information about the flu vaccine:

We have flu vaccine available in both the injectable and intranasal form (Flumist). Flumist is approved for children age 2 and above, although not for those with certain health issues (allergic to eggs, gentamicin, gelatin, or arginine, are currently wheezing; have a history of wheezing, have had Guillain-Barré syndrome; have a weakened immune system or live with someone who has a severely weakened immune system; have problems with heart, kidneys or lungs; have diabetes).  Please be advised that occasionally throughout the season we may be may be temporarily out of some formulations of the vaccines.  These supplies are replenished as we receive additional shipments from the state.

Please speak to our nursing staff if you have any questions about the flu vaccine.

Congratulations Dr. Burghardt!

Congratulations to Dr. Burghardt, and her husband Will, on the birth of their son Harris William Burghardt. Milton Pediatrics wishes them all the best.

Congratulations Dr. O’Reilly!

Congratulations to Dr. O’Reilly, and her husband David, on the birth of their son Patrick Cronin. Milton Pediatrics wishes them all the best.

Health Forms

Effective 6/11/2014, Milton Pediatrics will no longer charge for health forms.

Please make copies or scan a copy into your computer if you feel you may need additional forms throughout the year.

MassGeneral for Children Specialists

MassGeneral for Children has opened a specialists office location in our building. Please see below for more information:

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new MassGeneral for Children (MGfC) community location in Braintree, MA.

Located at 340 Wood Road, our newest community location is now open and will continue to add specialties throughout the summer.

At this new location, patients will have access to MGfC specialists in:

  • Allergy (July 2014)
  • Cardiology – now scheduling appointments
  • Endocrinology – now scheduling appointments
  • Gastroenterology – now scheduling appointments
  • Nephrology (July 2014)
  • Pulmonology (July 2014)
  • Pediatric Surgery – now scheduling appointments
  • Rheumatology (September 2014)

Visits can be scheduled for the new location through each specialty service or by calling the MGHfC Access and New Appointment Center at 888-644-3248. For more information, visit the MGHfC community locations page.

MGHfC Leadership


American Academy of Pediatrics advises against retail based clinics

We at Milton Pediatrics endorse the American Academy of Pediatrics statement on the use of retail based clinics. We feel that a child’s overall heath care is greatly improved when it is centered in the primary care office. When your child is ill, we endeavor to make ourselves as accesible as possible; please contact us if you feel your child needs to be seen for a sick visit.

Some retail clinics are now advertising that they will perform sports physicals. Although these types of exams may provide “clearance” for sports participation, they are not the equivalent of having an annual physical with your regular doctor who will take a more global view of your child’s overall health; we strongly discourage the use of retail clinics for this purpose. Please see the AAP statement for more information:

Congratulations Dr. McCullough!

 Congratulations to Dr. McCullough,  and her husband Craig, on the birth of their twins February 16th.  Welcome to Declan McCullough and Catherine McCullough.  Milton Pediatrics wishes them all the best.

A Message from Dr. Wong

Dr. Lisa Wong will be taking a semester sabbatical, beginning on January 2, 2014. She will serve as a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she will be studying arts and education, and will be working closely with Harvard Medical School.

“I am deeply passionate about the intersection between the arts and medicine. As Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the Committee for Arts&Humanities@HMS, I will work with colleagues to encourage medical students and young professionals to incorporate the arts and humanities into their daily lives.  This will help them to find balance and to become more empathetic as physicians.”

Dr. Wong will bring her new knowledge back to her work at Milton Pediatrics when she returns to clinical practice on July 1, 2014.